AI Solutions

Academic Innovators has also developed a series of products that we identify as AI Solutions.  These solutions reflect our determination to create value for our clients by developing products – reviewed by our blue chip advisory board – that re-imagine how higher educations institutions operate and thrive in the highly competitive environment that they face.

Our areas of specialty are:

Institutional Planning/Management

  • Environmental Audit
  • Effective Leadership
  • Effective Governance & General Management
  • Financial Stability Model


Strategic Finance

  • Tuition Stabilization
  • Financial Advising, Debt Refinancing, Bond Issue
  • USDA Loans
  • USDA Grants


Curricular and Co-curricular Programming

  • Student Development and Engagement
  • Affinity Enrollment Model
  • Program Redesign
  • Financial Aid Modeling
  • Federal Grantsmanship/University


Infrastructure Development

  • Technology Enhancement/Connectivity
  • Equipment Upgrade/Leasing
  • Real Estate/Public/Private Partnerships
  • Plant Acquisition and Energy Procurement