Academic Innovators’ team of principals, consultants, and advisors works to provide targeted counsel, training, and planning to college and university leaders.

Presidential Training: We understand the challenges of leading colleges and universities because we’ve done the job, as presidents, CFOs, and trustees. We offer one-on-one counseling during presidential transitions, first-year presidential advising, and ongoing counsel. We connect presidents and other senior leadership to their peers and introduce best practice programs and advisors to help craft a climate for them to succeed. 

Board Leadership: Having served on boards and in leadership, we know that strong, clear governance is crucial to institutional success. We review by-laws and administrative organization, board recruitment practice, board evaluation materials, and develop and assess strategic plans. 

Financial Planning: The post-pandemic world for colleges is likely one with reduced support from federal and state governments. Institutions must assess their financial health and adjust their strategy accordingly. Working with our partners, we can discern an institution’s health and liquidity, recommend adjustments, and link strategic plan and campus master plan to a concrete financial plan with addressable metrics. We help colleges identify new sources of revenue, improve current revenue sources, refinance and restructure debt, consider federal, state and investor sources of capital, review restricted funds for potential reformation or repurposing, and review the possible monetization of assets.

Legal Support: The law firms we bring to our college and university clients have established higher education track records, with expertise in key areas of new and emerging concerns, including state and federal regulatory environments, strategic alliances, mergers, sales, and acquisitions.

Strategic Alternative Planning. With our partners, we prepare strategic alternative studies of options such as remaining independent, mergers, acquisitions, and closures. We can assess and execute on asset monetization, particularly in real estate and related areas.