About Academic Innovators

What is Academic Innovators?

We are thought partners with senior, high-level experience across higher education.

Our goal is to re-imagine how higher education works by respecting campus culture, historic traditions, and the capacity of college and university campuses to adapt, change and evolve.

Academic Innovators is not a vendor.

Academic Innovators provides solutions to the people, programs, governance and facilities challenges facing American higher education. As a solutions company, we develop strategic partnerships with best practice providers of unblemished reputation. Academic Innovators strengthens the bottom line by offering unique and tailored projects designed to meet the complexity and range of the challenges that higher education institutions face. We work to develop local, regional and national consortia to create efficiencies and economies of scale.

We utilize best practices to find solutions that fit. We tie them to a college and university’s strategic direction, accreditation findings, bond rating, financial responsibility composite score, and reputational analysis. Academic Innovators develops research, models and approaches that match solutions and how best to pay for them. We create metrics to measure their success.

We solve the problem.