Formed by senior higher education leadership, Academic Innovators offers solutions and strategies to help colleges and universities become more financially and operationally sustainable.

With a mission to adapt higher education to the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century, Academic Innovators offers:

A wide and growing range of carefully-vetted sponsored services and co-branded products to tackle institutions’ urgent challenges.
Individualized consulting services to institutional leadership.
A robust publishing, speaking, and communications strategy to promote policy changes in American higher education.

Our multidisciplinary approach involves partnering with other companies and professionals that serve the higher education sector, including ed tech providers, lawyers, licensed financial advisors, licensed investment bankers, and public policy and other professionals to develop products and solutions to help our clients address their future challenges and opportunities.

We work with our clients as industry insider colleagues to imagine the possible. As futurists, we anticipate and forecast the direction likely to be taken to create a robust response to the changes that colleges and universities will face.

Solutions for Colleges’ Most Pressing Needs

We harness the power of our team’s deep experience and expertise combined with carefully-vetted service partners to develop targeted solutions for colleges’ pressing challenges, such as

  • comprehensive enrollment planning,
  • quality, cost-effective medical and wellness programming,
  • improved debt management and asset monetization

Support for College and University Leaders

Our team of principals, consultants, and advisors provides targeted counsel, training, and planning to college and university leaders at all levels, including presidential transition and training, board leadership and governance review, and strategic alternatives planning and execution.

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