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Pushing Public Higher Ed Boundaries

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How a Seemingly Basic Technology is Driving the University of the Future
by Rick Gaumer

Dare to Go Digital
by Rick Gaumer

To MOOC or Not To MOOC 
by W. Joseph King and Michael Nanfito

College Completion: What If the Focus Was On the Student?
By Brian C. Mitchell

The New Rules of Engagement 
By Brian C. Mitchell

Mending Fences
By Brian C. Mitchell

Calling the Question: Collaboration as Systemic Change
By Brian C. Mitchell and W. Joseph King

The Advantages of Using an Outside Developer for Capital Projects
by Brian C. Mitchell

A Potential Academic Future
by W. Joseph King and Michael Nanfito

Institutional Introspection
by Brian C. Mitchell

Pending publication:

Technology – The Great Enabler that Helps Meet Strategic Goals
by Rick Gaumer in Business Officer Magazine
Coming December 7

Cutting-edge Technology Delivers  on University’s Vision for the Future of Learning
by Rick Gaumer in eCampusNews
Coming December 15