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Academic Innovators is a solutions company.

If a college faces a challenge, we work with the institution as thought partners to meet their challenge and turn it into an opportunity.

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Academic Innovators has developed a series of products that we identify as AI Solutions. These solutions reflect our determination to create value for our clients by developing products – reviewed by our blue chip advisory board – that re-imagine how higher educations institutions operate and thrive in the highly competitive environment that they face.

Institutional Planning/Management

Strategic Finance

Infrastructure Development

Curricular and Co-curricular Programming

Academic Innovators has formed strategic partnerships with best practice organizations across the country to support our efforts to build a sustainable environment for American higher education. They fall into two, often interrelated, groups. The first provide consulting services, research, modeling and outcomes assessment to help colleges and universities develop strategies to achieve greater sustainability. The second group offers innovative, best in practice products that address specific issues identified in our work together.


Higher education’s largest ResNet, Wi Fi and Video Solution provider.

Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Streamlined institutional scanning to determine the financial and operational state of an institution.

Edvance Foundation

Student transfer, enrollment and retention.

Human Capital Research Corporation

Financial aid, student life, economic development modeling and outcomes assessment.

G. K. Baum

College debt and refinancing.

McAllister & Quinn

Federal grant diversification and growth at research universities.

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